Product / Service Profitabilty

Job Costing

Figuring out which jobs or services are making you the most profit

Job Profitability

By detailing the specific profit from each job type, you can better spend business resources on increased-margin jobs

Upgrade Efficiencies

Once the project's actual cost is realized, you can focus on cutting costs in specific expense categories

Easier Budgeting

After understanding the average cost of each project type, you can better prepare for potential project costs

What is Job Costing?

In a nutshell, job costing is the act of detailing the total cost for each project or service individually that a business provides. This process helps to uncover inefficiencies and to figure out which job types are bringing in the greatest profit margin.

At Coastal Bookkeeping we partner with our businesses to provide Job Costing reports to help with future business efficiencies.

How much did your last project cost?

Work "ON" not "IN" your business

Our Process

Easy Step Process


Initial Phone Conversation to determine needs and how Coastal Bookkeeping Services can provide value

First Step
Fee Determination

We will take a look into your current financial circumstances and determine a corresponding fee

Second Step
Written Proposal

If the Fee is accepted, Coastal Bookkeeping Services will put together a written proposal to get started

Third Step
Job Costing Services

Take Control of Costs

Without a detailed look at the cost of each of your jobs or services, do you really know where your business is headed? 

Detailed Analysis

We provide a detailed analysis of each job or service to illustrate the whole cost picture, so you can make informed decisions.

Calculate Overhead Cost

Understanding your overall cost for each project helps to dig deep into what is going in in your business. With overhead cost calculations, you can cut straight to the nitty gritty.

Make Informed Decisions

Having numbers on your side is never a bad idea when it comes to making decisions for your business. We are here to feed you accurate reports to make your decision process simpler.

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Our Clients Reviews

Beverly Cole-Luchansky
Beverly Cole-Luchansky
Coastal Bookkeeping assisted me and my accountant with re-preparing books for five years of income taxes filings for my business. Kevin was able to get my books in great standing within five weeks. He meet the accountant's strict deadlines and made the entire experience run smoothly for me. He was extremely knowledgeable, professional and communicated with me throughout the entire process. Give them a try, you won't find a better company to work with.
Brody Rotzoll
Brody Rotzoll
Coastal Bookkeeping has done an amazing job with cleaning up our companies books. There is nothing like being able to work on your business instead of inside your business. Thank you Kevin for everything!
Kevin Thomas President Photo

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